Visual Art
  1. To develop creativity and critical thinking, nurture aesthetic sensitivity
    - Through creating, appreciating and criticizing different kinds of artworks during the lessons, we aim to develop students’ perceptual abilities, with special emphasis on visual, aesthetic and arts experience
    - Organizing diverse activities such as visiting art exhibition, displaying students’ works, holding an annual exhibition etc., in order to broaden their visual cognition through exploration
    -Our VA Club and Painting Training Course are good ways to train up potential students   
    - Participating in different kinds of competitions, students can build up their self-confidence by obtaining good results
  2. IT for interactive learning and for developing self-learning ability
    - P.4 to P.6 students have to do research by using internet before lessons , in order to enhance self-directed and reflective learning
    - Our online platform is a good way to provide opportunities for students to construct their own knowledge. Besides, they can also enjoy and appreciate classmates’ artwork through the platform
    - We have 3D Printing course as an interest class to teach the 3D printing skills  
  3. Creating a culture of appreciation

Aesthetic sensitivity and appreciation should be cultivated among students. Throughout the curriculum, students learn to respond to and appraise issues both within and across the arts, and be able to appreciate their own and others’ artworks.

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