1. To develop students' interest and habits of reading and improve their language skills;

2. To help students broaden their knowledge, develop good personality and establish a correct civic awareness and outlook on life;
3. To train students to make good use of library resources and develop self-learning habits;
4. To enhance students' information literacy and develop their ability to collect, analyze and process various information;
5. To cooperate with the curriculum and assist in teaching and learning in all areas of study.

Library Curriculum
(1) Central Library Lessons
- The timetable is compiled by the teacher librarian, with eight lessons per class.
- Learning area:

1. Basic cognition and civic education

2. Library skills training

3. Information literac
4. Reading strategies and techniques

5. Develop interest in reading through diverse reading activities

(2) Morning Reading Lessons

(1) Story-telling Time (Optional)

Time: Wednesdays, 8:00-8:15 am
            Venue: School Hall
            - For students who attend the activity can be rewarded by gaining stamps on

 their "Morning Reading Cards"

2) Guided Reading Time

Time: Thursdays, 8:15-8:25 am
Venue: School playground

- Library teachers will lead all the students to read a wide range of reading

 materials, including:


․Chinese Classics, such as: Lun Yu, Di Zi Gui, Tang Poetry, Song Poems,

Tao De Jing, San Zi Jing, Bai Jia Xing,Qian Zi Wen...

․Chinese idiom, such as: idioms, maxims, proverbs, two part allegorical


․Others: Chinese and Western festivals, 24 solar terms, common sense of  

 current affairs...


 -The library will also cooperate with the school's annual learning theme and      concerns to carry out related events
 - There will be “Teachers’ Good Books Recommendation” section as well


(3) Classroom Reading Lessons
- The school has scheduled the 7th lesson of every Tuesday as the Classroom Reading

 Lessons for the whole school

- During this period, teachers and students are able to enjoy reading together and do

some sharing after reading.
- In addition to reading books, some reading activities, competitions and paired

 reading program will also be arranged in this lesson.

Library resources

1. Books Collection in the Central Library
2. Books in the classrooms
3. Book Crossing in the lobby and playground
-Book carts are placed in the lobby and playground , with different types of books and magazines in it. Students can read books freely before the morning assembly, during recess, or after class without the borrowing procedure. The only thing they need to do is to return the books to the book cart after reading.

Competitions and Activities

1. Competitions
Internal:Reading slogan competition, Reading badge design competition, Special Topic of book  design competition, Book report writing competition, borrowing rankings
External: Civic Education Storytelling Competition, Participation in Book Report Writing Competition organized by external institutions

2. Activities
All-round reading reward program, mentoring scheme, librarian election, parent-child co-reading lecture, guest storytelling, lectures, Summer Reading Program (Hong Kong Reading City), World Reading Day, and thematic reading of collaboration with various subjects

3. Others
Book fairs, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, book subscriptions to school services, and some occasional reading activities, such as: my favorite reading website voting, parent-child story workshop, etc.


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