Physical Education

Curriculum Aims of PE

Its aims to help students:

  • Develop motor skills and acquire necessary knowledge through physical activities and cultivate positive attitudes towards healthy lifestyle
  • Acquire good health, physical fitness and body coordination through participating regularly in physical activities
  • Promoted desirable moral behaviors, cooperation in communal life

The Learning Targets of KS1 (Primary 1 to 3):

  • demonstrate proficiency in fundamental movement skills
  • display positive attitudes towards participation in physical activities

The Learning Targets of KS2 (Primary 4 to 6):

  • demonstrate proficiency in the basic skills of at least eight different physical activities from not less than four areas

Our School team

  1. Athletics Team
  2. Basketball Team
  3. Football Team
  4. Handball Team
  5. Rope Skipping Team
  6. Swimming Team
  7. Baseball Team
  8. Dancing Team

Major Activities of the Subject:

  1. Sports Day
  2. Inter-class Rope skipping competition
  3. Inter-class Football competition

Shuttle-run during recess

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